The cats coat

is its most admired feature & with 130,000 hairs covering every square inch of its body, it makes sense to keep at its best!

Regular cat grooming is very beneficial
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Are you fed up of excess cat hair around the home? I can offer a regular groom at a discounted price, after an initial consultation, which will keep your cat's coat in tip top condition, matt and knot free. Often after a professional groom cats start to groom themselves again as they feel so much better, just like we do after a trip to the hairdressers.

You do not even have to leave your home! I offer a flexible mobile service and work in the comfort of your own home. This is less stressful for you and your cat by not having to travel.  You can also bring your cat to me for a groom at my home if you prefer.

Please contact me to discuss you and your cat's individual requirements. I look forward to hearing from you.




Extract taken from The

“It is well known that cats do not like water but they do require grooming. Most pet owners think since cats groom themselves they do not need to be groomed. Cats groom themselves to keep their bodies cool and to remove dirt and debris. Cats develop hairballs in response to all that self-grooming. Regular grooming of cats by their human counterparts can reduce shedding, the ingestion of hair and matting.

Long haired cats can get severely matted if they are not brushed regularly. Hair that is dirty is more likely to develop mats. If a cat has a lot of matting, bathing can worsen the knots if not first removed. This is because once wet, knots tighten as they dry, making them pull on the skin and becoming more uncomfortable. Knots and mats should be removed before bathing using a clipper, not scissors.

A cat’s skin is much thinner than human or canine skin. In fact it is so thin that if accidentally cut with the clipper blade it can tear like tissue paper. Using a clipper on a cat is best left to a professional.